Room for Love: Expanding Our Home for Ava's Adoption
June 14, 2024

Room for Love: Expanding Our Home for Ava's Adoption


At Foster Love, we are privileged to witness the extraordinary stories of children finding their forever families. Today, we are excited to share the heartwarming journey of Ava, a bright and resilient 7-year-old girl who finally found her place in a loving home. Despite already having five sons, the Smith family made the remarkable decision to expand their home to welcome Ava after years in the foster care system.

A Challenging Start

Ava's journey began under difficult circumstances. Entering foster care at the tender age of 4, she had already experienced more hardship than most children her age. Over the years, she moved through several foster homes, each time searching for a place where she truly belonged.


Finding Respite and Hope

During her time in foster care, frequently stayed with the Smith family, who provided respite care for her on multiple occasions. Although the Smiths already had five biological boys and their home was not initially set up for another child, they felt a special bond with Ava. After several months of failed adoption inquiries, the Smith family knew they had to intervene. They loved Ava and wanted to provide her with the stability and care she deserved.

Creating Space for Love

The Smith family faced a unique challenge: their home wasn't set up to accommodate another child, especially a girl. However, with determination and love, they embarked on a construction project to create a special space for Ava. Their five sons, excited to welcome a new sister, eagerly helped with the preparations. As Mrs. Smith shared, "We didn’t have a real good space for a girl since we have 5 biological boys, but finally construction on our home was done and a bedroom was opened up for her. We then knew that we could adopt Ava because we already knew in our hearts we could, but now our home allowed it as well!" Once the bedroom was ready, they knew they were fully prepared to welcome her permanently. The Smiths were certain in their hearts that Ava was meant to be a part of their family, and now their home reflected that readiness as well.

A New Beginning

With a dedicated bedroom and five loving brothers ready to welcome her, Ava moved into her new home with the Smith family. The transition wasn't just about having a physical space; it was about providing Ava with the emotional support and sense of belonging she had longed for. The Smiths' commitment to Ava extended beyond the walls of their home. They chose to finalize her adoption via a Zoom court session, given the logistical challenges of having 3-year-old twins.


Capturing the Moment

The final adoption hearing was a significant milestone for Ava and the Smith family. Thanks to the Framing Forever program and the talented photographer Courtenay Leigh Photography, the precious moments of this day were beautifully captured, preserving the joy and love that filled their home. These photographs serve as a lasting reminder of the day Ava officially became a Smith and found her forever family.

Getting Involved: Join the Framing Forever Program

Ava's story is a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of love and family. If you're inspired by her journey and eager to make a difference in the lives of children like Ava, consider getting involved in our Framing Forever program. Visit our website here to learn more about how you can become a part of this meaningful initiative and help create lasting memories for children and their forever families. Additionally, if you are interested in learning more about becoming a foster parent, click here for more information.

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