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A scholarship program dedicated to propelling youth in foster care into higher education through financial assistance and family-like emotional support.

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Scholarship Application Closed

Announcing Winners Summer 2022

Family Fellowship Together We Rise + Fund II Foundation

Through the generous support by Hope D. Smith and her husband Robert F. Smith, Together We Rise partners with the Fund ll Foundation to provide the Family Fellowship Scholarship, a scholarship program dedicated to propelling youth in foster care into higher education through financial assistance and family-like emotional support.

Our unwavering commitment is to provide higher education scholarships to current and former foster youth. Each student chosen receives up to $12,000 per

year for up to five years to alleviate the financial burden of obtaining a college degree while addressing current and former foster youths 3-11% national graduation success rates.

The vision of the Family Fellowship is to change the legacy of aged-out foster youth by transforming the way foster youth are supported through their college journey. Our program emphasizes the need to innovate, explore, and discover new ways to develop our young individuals for a modern workforce.

Student Tuition


Up to five years of financial support to help with tuition, books, and tutors.

Student Housing


Monthly housing allowance as well as housing for summer and winter breaks.

Student Mentorship

Professional Development

Personal life-skills and career-focused support to prepare students for a modern workforce.

Student Emotional Support


Emotional and wrap-around services to all fellows year around.

Application Process

The main objective of our Family Fellowship Program is to offer family-like financial and emotional support to college-bound, “aging out” foster youth. The Family Fellowship program seeks students who remain committed to their education; determined to achieve their personal and professional goals; dedicated to building, nurturing, and sustaining a family-like community amongst their peers; and develop leadership skills to break barriers and continue to innovate the way foster youth navigate college and life beyond.

The Family Fellowship Scholarship will open at the beginning of the year with applications due in early spring. Letters of Recommendation, Proof of Foster Care Status, Official Transcripts, and Personal Statement will be required. While the application remains closed, make an effort to gather the necessary documents now and prepare your personal statement for submission.

Application Closed
Elgibility Requirements

Anthony - UC Santa Cruz

Meet a few of the students

Each of these talented & driven individuals has benefited from the Family Fellowship Scholarship. Their achievements and dedication to higher education are genuinely inspiring and continue to motivate others who seek the same opportunities graciously provided by our benefactors.


Vaneshia - Harvard

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ panel answers some common questions regarding the application, selection, and admissions process. Please visit our contact us page for additional information..


Attended Colleges & Universities These are a few of the colleges and universities our students have had the honor of attending.