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Empowering Foster Youth And Creating Lasting Change

Foster Love is a dynamic non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children in foster care. Our passionate team, comprised of adults and former foster youth, works tirelessly to ensure these vulnerable children are not forgotten or neglected. Through collaborations with individuals, companies, and community partners, we provide essential resources and educational opportunities for foster youth.

Join us in making a difference by helping us provide new bicycles, college supplies, and sweet cases to thousands of foster youth across the nation. No child should have to carry their belongings in a trash bag when moving from home to home. Together, we can create a brighter future for these deserving children.

How It All Started

In 2008, Danny Mendoza founded Foster Love (formerly Together We Rise) after discovering his 9-year-old cousin, Roger, living in a car. Unable to become a foster parent due to his age, Danny saw the need for alternative support for children in foster care.

Fueled by passion and supported by friends and colleagues, he turned his vision into a nationwide organization, revolutionizing the foster care experience for countless youth.

Our Mission

Foster Love is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming the way youth navigate through the foster care system in America.



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Who We Are

Foster Love is comprised of humanitarians, advocates, artists, and visionaries who are committed to changing the world for the better. Our team of passionate volunteers, interns, and staff continue to transform the lives of children in foster care. We believe that children in foster care deserve dignity, respect, and support.




Executive Director

Board of Directors

  • Stephanie Baeza
  • Brandon Myers
  • Kim Moore
  • Christopher Mekdara
  • David Mendoza
  • Danny Mendoza

Transforming the Lives of Foster Kids: Join Us in Making a Difference

  • Framing Forever

    Navigating the foster care system can be overwhelming and disheartening, but we’re here to change that. Through our tireless fundraising efforts and a dedicated network of volunteers, we are committed to providing children in foster care with a brighter future and a sense of belonging.

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  • Framing Forever
    Team Building

    With a wide range of programs and volunteer opportunities, every individual or group can find their perfect fit. From our heartwarming Sweet Cases initiative to Birthday Boxes service activities, we have developed numerous avenues to positive differences for children in foster care.

  • Framing Forever

    Notably, our Family Fellowship program stands as the most extensive college scholarship opportunity accessible to young adults aging out of the foster care system, offering crucial assistance during their transition into adulthood.

  • Framing Forever

    We believe that every child deserves the chance to thrive, and with the help of our passionate volunteers and generous donors, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of children in foster care. Join us in making a difference today.

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Are You Familiar With Our Mascots?


Our first mascot, the beloved blue bear- a symbol of love, freedom, and innocence. Embodied in this adorable creature are the hopes and dreams of the foster youth we support daily. For over 15 years, Foster Love has been delivering comfort items to children nationwide, bringing smiles and warmth to 600,000+ children.


Some species of penguins can exhibit adoption behaviors. In cases where an egg is abandoned or lost by its biological parents, neighboring penguins may sometimes adopt and care for it as their own. It’s the warmth and compassion of foster and adoptive parents that inspired our penguin mascot. These incredible individuals open their hearts and homes to vulnerable children, truly embodying strong parental instincts of the penguin.


Alpacas are incredibly gentle and social animals known for their calm and friendly disposition. In the spirit of their caring demeanor, our dedicated volunteers assemble “Al-pac-a” (I’ll pack a) Sweet Cases, Birthday Boxes, STEM Boxes, Back 2 School Packs, baskets, gifts, packages, and more. These efforts symbolize the commitment of our volunteers who generously contribute their time and resources to offer comfort items, essentials, and, most importantly, hope and love to foster youth across the country.

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