Foster Care Adoption Story: the Rubino Family
May 30, 2024

From Foster Care to Forever: Capturing the Rubino Family's Journey


The Beginning of a Journey

At Foster Love, we understand that adoption is a profound journey of love, resilience, and hope. It’s a journey that encompasses not just the joy of welcoming a new member into a family but also the complex emotions tied to loss and uncertainty. Today, we’re honored to share a heartwarming adoption story, beautifully captured through our Framing Forever program, which provides families with a professional photographer to document these precious moments at no cost.


Meet the Rubino family. Their adoption journey began when their son was placed with them at just six days old, straight from the hospital. Welcoming him with open arms, they were filled with love and excitement, knowing he was to return to his birth family in three months However, circumstances changed unexpectedly.

Building Connections

After only two visits, the Rubinos began to build a connection with his birth mother. In a courageous and generous gesture, she asked if they would consider adopting him or at least being part of his life. Touched and honored, they expressed their willingness to support both him and his birth mother in any way they could.

Although the visits became sporadic, the Rubinos maintained a strong bond with his birth mother, regularly sending her photos of their growing boy. These moments of connection brought immense joy to her, as she watched her son thrive and develop a remarkable bond with their biological son.

Navigating Uncertainty

Despite the happiness these moments brought, the uncertainty of their son’s future loomed large. Various potential birth fathers and a grandmother entered the picture, each time causing the Rubinos to wonder how long he would physically remain with them. But in their hearts, he was always there to stay.

The Day Finally Arrives


After over two years of navigating the complex foster care system, the day finally arrived. Their son was legally freed for adoption, marking the beginning of the final steps in their adoption journey. The Rubinos' hearts swelled with relief and joy, knowing that their son would soon be an official, permanent part of their family.

Capturing Precious Moments

On this momentous day, our Framing Forever program was there to capture every tear, every smile, and every embrace. Thanks to the talent of Carly Jara Photography, these cherished moments were preserved forever, allowing the Rubino family to relive the culmination of their long, emotional journey to becoming a Forever Family.

Join Us in Celebrating Forever Families

At Foster Love, we're inspired by families like the Rubinos, who open their hearts and homes to children in need, showcasing the profound power of love and the enduring bonds forged through adoption. Whether you're navigating the adoption journey or simply want to support our mission, explore our Framing Forever program at Let's celebrate the joy of creating Forever Families while honoring their beautiful journey.

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