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Help raise awareness and funds for foster youth nationwide. Together, we are changing the way children experience foster care.

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Create/Host Your Own Team Building Activities Or Fundraise To Support A Program.

Team building activities & events are a large part of Foster Love and we work with countless groups to hold various activities to benefit children in foster care. For each item listed below, we offer an online fundraising platform to help crowdfund the event of your choice.

Service Activity

You want the funds you raised to be applied towards your order of a service activity where you will be receiving items to decorate

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General Fundraising

You want the funds you raised to be applied as a donation only

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Sweet Cases Distributed To Children In Foster Care

Start a Disney Days Fundraiser to help support sibling reunification this fall

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Starting A Campaign Is Easy!

Each campaign is another step forward in improving the lives of children in foster care. For additional help starting a campaign, please click here to view our fundraiser guide.

1. Select Fundraiser Type

Once you've chosen your preferred fundraiser type, getting started is as easy as picking a campaign name, providing a few details about your initiative, setting a goal, and you are on your way!

2. Spread the Word

Let the world know you've pledged to make a difference and how they can help you reach your goal! Call, text, tweet, Facebook, snap! Whichever way you find easiest to get the message out is fine with us.

3. Track Your Impact

When you decide to host a fundraiser or give directly, your contribution causes a ripple effect. Each additional dollar raised and volunteer hour donated directly impacts several areas in need.