Dec. 29, 2019

2019 Self-Esteem Building Holiday Shopping Sprees

2019 Self-Esteem Building Holiday Shopping Sprees

Self-esteem building holiday shopping sprees are a part of our origin story. One of the first major campaigns we worked on was traveling around the U.S. giving teens in foster care access to pop-up shopping sprees. The reason we continue to raise funds and commitment to self-esteem building holiday shopping sprees is they bring the youth so much joy. Often it is the first time they get to pick something that they want for themselves out. There is no one there judging them and they can be free in their choices.

Where We Went This Year

We hosted five self-esteem building holiday shopping sprees this year. One in Brea and the other four throughout Texas. Thanks to our chaperones who donate funds for each youth to shop, we are able to help more kids than ever. At our Brea location, we held the shopping spree at the local Macy’s. We’ve partnered with Macy’s several times this year and they were kind enough to give us $4,000 towards the kids’ shopping.
Our Texas shopping sprees took place in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and El Paso. For those self-esteem building holiday shopping sprees we took the kiddos to H&Ms where we were given nice discounts on all products. This helped the teens’ shopping spree money go a even further. It is just great to see the faces of these kids light up when they find that one special thing they really wanted. When they are trying on a jacket that they liked and it fit just right. Our volunteers are so generous, that if a bill went over the allotted gift card amount, they would cover the difference. That unselfishness and willingness to give as much as possible are humbling to see. We are grateful to have such generous supporters nationwide.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we would like to thank all of our supporters and volunteers for helping make our self-esteem building holiday shopping sprees a success. Please consider getting involved with Foster Love - Together We Rise in your community. Connect with us here.

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