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Transparency is Important

Foster Love is a 501(c)3 non-profit changing the way children experience the foster care system since 2008. We firmly believe in transparency and take our stewardship over your donations seriously. Our programs, events, and donations are providing important resources and experiences to help alleviate the turbulent circumstances the foster care system may bring.

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Over 90% of every dollar donated goes directly to children in foster care through bikes, skateboards, duffle bags, etc



We allot some funds to help cover our operating expenses, like power and our office in Brea,CA.



We are grateful to have so many dedicated donors who allow us to spend our time helping kids in foster care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Get Involved With Foster Love?

The foster care system touches every part of our society. When you look at any social issue, whether it is fighting poverty, homelessness, sex trafficking, the school-to-prison pipeline, educational inequality, children who've experienced foster care are represented in those groups in outstanding numbers.

Foster Love is a leader in foster care innovation. Together with the community, we advocate for children in care lifting their voices and coming up with solutions for the problems they face. When you get involved with Foster Love, you are part of the solution, bringing value resources to children who need it most.

Where Does My Donation Go?

Donations and funds raised are used to support essential programs which are distributed to children in foster care through our foster agency partners.

How Much Of My Donation Goes Towards Helping Children In Foster Care?

100% of all donations go directly towards the sponsored program. Foster Love is committed to ensuring that your support is directly reaching children in foster care nationwide. For more insight on our financials, please review our financial documents.

Why Should I Donate Towards A Foster Love Program?

There are plenty of ways you can help children in foster care. Donating towards a Foster Love service project or program is a direct way you can bring hope and solve an immediate need.

Still Have Questions?

Feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding Foster Love and any of our programs. Our team is available to address your submissions within 1-2 business days. If you need immediate assistance, please call us directly at (714)-784-6760.