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Virtual Service Project Ideas For Anyone Anywhere

Finding virtual service project ideas for yourself, your workplace, or your kids can be exhausting. Thankfully, Foster Love formerly Together We Rise has been working with communities nationwide to provide support to children in foster care through community service projects. Whether you are a student looking to complete hours of community service, an individual trying to give back, or you're part of an organization looking to do good. Virtual Service Projects are a fun and engaging way to bring resources and support to the foster care community.

Virtual Community Service Projects Change Lives

There are over 430,000 children in foster care who need our help. Learn ore about each of our Virtual Service Projects and find the perfect one for you below!

Sweet Case Kits

The Goal: Provide a child dignity with a customized duffel bag and goodies

What You'll Do: Help replace trash bags and customize duffle bags known as Sweet Cases

Birthday Kits

The Goal: Send a sweet gift box of goodies to a kid in foster care on their birthday

What You'll Do: Customize special birthday decorations and write a birthday card

Superhero Kits

The Goal: Instill courage and self-esteem through the superhero box

What You'll Do: Customize a superhero registration card and pillowcase


The Goal: Instill courage and self-esteem through the STEM box

What You'll Do: Customize a STEM achievement frame and create STEM themed bookmarks.

What is a Virtual Service Project?

Virtual Service Projects are unique interactive projects that are sponsored and put together by our hands-on donors and volunteers. These virtual activities are designed to help show foster youth that there are people out there who care. People in their community, people all around our country who see them and want to help them succeed.

Who Can Participate in A Virtual Service Project?

These projects are designed to be completed anywhere, by anyone, at any time. Using a simple three-step process, people like you have helped bring essential resources and uplifting gifts to over 150,000 children annually.

Man Holding Decorated Superhero Pillowcase
Woman Holding Decorated Sweet Case Panel

Why Were Virtual Service Projects Created?

The creation of our Virtual Service Projects started out as a way to help people safely give back from wherever. Before the pandemic of 2020, Foster Love formerly Together We Rise helped foster youth primarily through in-person service activities hosted by individuals, families, corporate companies, and groups all over the country. To keep our supporters engaged we created Virtual Service Projects and continued to expand our mission.

Virtual Community Service Projects for Everyone

Wherever you are, whoever you are, whether you are looking to help children in your community as an individual, part of a group, or corporation, you can join us. Your kindness in action is the change needed to uplift the most vulnerable in our society, children in foster care.


Want to Get Involved?

Imagine being able to help your community from anywhere, at any time, with anyone. Think of all the tangible good we could do if a shared physical space was no longer a requirement of giving back…well stop dreaming and start helping kids in foster care through Virtual Service Projects. Our virtual community service projects are a simple way for individuals, church groups, and large organizations to give back and make a difference.

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Need More Suggestions? We Offer Custom Events!

We are always open to discussing any ideas your team has for helping children in foster care. To discuss options, contact us at or call our office at 714-784-6760

Team building a skateboard

Hey - Checkout What Others Have To Say!

  • "As a former ward of the state this is very beautiful and fills my heart with so much warmth that so many are willing to help! Thank you for caring enough to help foster youth".

  • "My son and I want to thank you for his new bike. His family is working hard towards reunification and he can't wait to show everyone the cool tricks he is learning. It is nice to see him smiling."

  • "I work for a foster care agency in New York City, we received a donation of these birthday boxes. The kids love them, and we love seeing their reactions when they receive it!"

  • "Many of the children we serve don't have access to bikes or other outdoor equipment while they stay-at-home."

  • "Lovely! Giving a smile to those little angels is creating a better future. Children deserve dignity. To feel love and be supported is transformative, changing the direction of their lives."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Get Involved With Foster Love?

The foster care system touches every part of our society. When you look at any social issue, whether it is fighting poverty, homelessness, sex trafficking, the school-to-prison pipeline, educational inequality, children who've experienced foster care are represented in those groups in outstanding numbers.

Foster Love is a leader in foster care innovation. Together with the community, we advocate for children in care lifting their voices and coming up with solutions for the problems they face. When you get involved with Foster Love, you are part of the solution, bringing value resources to children who need it most.

Where Does My Donation Go?

Donations and funds raised are used to support essential programs which are distributed to children in foster care through our foster agency partners.

How Much Of My Donation Goes Towards Helping Children In Foster Care?

100% of all donations go directly towards the sponsored program. Foster Love is committed to ensuring that your support is directly reaching children in foster care nationwide. For more insight on our financials, please review our financial documents.

Why Should I Donate Towards A Foster Love Program?

There are plenty of ways you can help children in foster care. Donating towards a Foster Love service project or program is a direct way you can bring hope and solve an immediate need.

Still Have Questions?

Feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding Foster Love and any of our programs. Our team is available to address your submissions within 1-2 business days. If you need immediate assistance, please call us directly at (714)-784-6760.