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Our Mission At Rise

Crafted with care by our dedicated team, this innovative storefront offers a unique and cost-free shopping experience for young women and teens in the foster care system. With the help of the generous contributions from local businesses and individuals, this project is more than a mere boutique – it is a heartfelt endeavor to foster love, one outfit at a time. Our mission is to empower teens in foster care, promote confidence, body positivity, and self-esteem during a vulnerable time in their life.

More Than
25,000 25,000
Teens In Foster Care In California
More Than
152,000 152,000
Teens In Foster Care Nationwide

More Than Just Shopping

On average, kids have 2 minutes to grab their belongings when they are removed from their homes. The Rise Clothing Vault aims to empower youth in foster care with free desirable clothing and essentials. Our recipients get a VIP experience complete with a personal shopper, photo opportunity, beverages, and more! We want them to feel loved, empowered, and confident.

Who We Help At Rise

Rise invites foster youth ages 13-18 who need our services most to shop with us for all new and free merchandise. As children grow up in foster care their self-esteem suffers, we want to make these teens feel celebrated and cared for.

Want to Empower These Amazing Teenagers?

Sponsor an outfit for them and help give them a voice! By supporting their style, you’ll be boosting their confidence and making a real difference in their lives. Join the movement and make a positive impact today.

Shopping and Support Forms

When youth are removed from their homes and placed into care, their personal belongings are often limited. Through Rise we give teens in foster care new items they can be proud to call their own. Please use the forms below to indicate if you know a deserving teen eligible to shop at Rise.


The Rise Clothing Vault is made possible by the generosity of our dedicated supporters across the country.

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  • I Support the Girls
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