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What Is The Foster Love Club?

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All of our monthly, biannual, and yearly donors are warmly welcomed into the Foster Love Club, a community of passionate and committed members dedicated to helping children in foster care nationwide.

Foster Love Club members receive access to a special donor portal and content showing how your reccurring donations impact the lives of everyone around us.

Your Collective Impact

As a member of the Foster Love Club your donations go further and make an immediate impact.

Your Reccurring Gift Goes Towards:


Ensuring that children in care have dignity when they enter the foster care system.


Reuniting siblings who are separated by their placements while in care.


Funding the largest scholarship available to current and aged-out foster youth.


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Why Is Reccurring Giving Important?

Becoming a sustainable member of the Foster Love Club is more than charity.

Foster Children Before and After Siblings Riding Carousel at Disneyland

Foster Love's Disney Days, part of Sibling Reunification Events

  1. By helping children in foster care you are helping build the support network for children at risk of:
    • Homelessness
    • Incarceration
    • Pregnancy during adolescence
    • High School dropouts
    • Increased trauma
    • PTSD
  2. By helping with a monthly gift you are supporting children's ability to:
    • Graduate from high school
    • Reunify with biological parents or become adopted
    • Navigate foster care with decency
    • Enter college
    • Have childhood items and experiences
    • Access STEM and educational resources
    • Spend time with biological siblings
    • Create positive childhood memories
  3. One of the hardest truths about foster care is that everyone involved needs support and resources.
    • Your charitable donation changes the lives of more than just the children we serve. It helps transform the people in care who help them as they wait for reunification or adoption.
    • If reunification and adoption are not possible Foster Love is one of the few foster care nonprofits committed to offering emergency support and educational scholarships for aged-out foster youth. Currently, the Family Fellowship scholarship program, hosted by Foster Love, is the largest scholarship program for current or aged out foster youth.
    • Recurring donors are invaluable to our mission. Because of their commitment to helping children in care we are able to create solutions for issues they face. We are grateful every day for those people who open their hearts to helping foster youth.
    • Want to Learn More? Talk with a Foster love Club Team Member

When we lift and support these children, We Foster Love to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Foster Love Club?

Make a monthly, biannual, or yearly donation at any level. Give on your terms - alter and cancel your gift at any time.

Why make a recurring gift?

Ongoing, sustainable support allows us to plan for and respond to foster youth's most pressing needs.

How to change or cancel my gift?

Sign in to your account or give us a call at (714) 784-6760.

Can I view my yearly impact?

Yes! View a detailed history of your support through your account dashboard.