Sept. 22, 2020

4 COVID Safe Ways to Team Build

COVID is unrelenting! Can you believe how different work has been since March?

If you are following the current upward trends in Europe, it brings concerns over how your organization will move into Q4 while in the states. One of the hardest parts of quarantine is maintaining a connected feeling with your team regardless of where they are working.

Rather than skipping team building entirely, check out our 4 COVID safe ways to team build.

1. Keep it Digital

While not everything translates well online, team building is still possible on Zoom or Google Hangouts. Think about what your goal is for this team building project and lead it through a mediated platform. Make some fun ice breaks and play games to get your staff reacquainted.

2. Work Together-But 6 Feet Apart

If your organization is still meeting in person, there are still tons of ways to do fun team building activities together. The main safety concerns are ensuring that everyone can stay apart and that there is good air ventilation. Focus on team building activities that do not require shared items.

3. Take Things Outdoors

There are so many documents from the CDC identifying what should and shouldn’t be done during this time to stay COVID safe. Take a look and see what outdoor activities your team may be open to.

While you are limited on direct contact, being in the same place outdoors may lift moral.

4. Safer At Home Team Building Service Projects

One way you can truly inspire your team and get everyone reconnected is by hosting a Safer At Home Team Building project with Foster Love - Together We Rise. Corporate and social responsibility efforts are more important than ever. Show your team that your organization’s values still matter.

Safer At Home Team Building Service Projects are a great way for your organization to help the community and get your team engaged. Foster Love - Together We Rise can even help you facilitate the Zoom call and guide you team through several activities. By the end of the event, your team will have something tangible to donate to children in foster care within your area.

Contact us here to get a Safer at Home Team Building Service Project started!

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