July 6, 2019

4 Fun Team Building Activities

fun team building

Fun team building activities shouldn’t be too difficult to find. Right? WRONG! For some reason, companies are still booking banquet halls to hold trust falls. What year is this, 1985? Don’t fret. If you’ve been feeling like your approach to team building has gotten stale; we are here to help.

1. The Great Outdoors

One of the fastest ways to break away from the monotony of team building is to change the location. Take the activities outdoors! Scavenger hunts are a fun team building activity that is easy to plan and extremely rewarding. The main component is finding a location that offers a great deal of space.

First, commit to a theme for the scavenger hunt. What is your team looking to solve or find? Create a simple outline of the process,  how many clues you’d like to give, puzzles they need to solve, mini-challenges, etc. Once you’re done outlining the hunt, you’ve only got to execute your plans! Be sure to include elements of the outdoors as part of your clues. But most importantly, allow your team to have fun.

2. Smarty Pants Challenge

Okay, you work with a bunch of intellectuals. Amazing! Plan a fun team building activity that allows them to flex their strengths while cultivating an understanding of one another. Try assembling teams for a Jeopardy-style game show. Create categories that are work cultured based. Find out what your team knows about one another.

Pro-tip: Survey your team prior to the event and make questions based on their responses.

3. Engaging The Champions

No one likes to feel like they are on a losing team. So plan a team build event with a bunch of smaller games. Make sure the games are diverse, include a mix of physical and mental competition games. You can divide people into smaller teams and keep score or just make it a game where the numbers don’t matter. Either way, everyone should feel like they are winners.

4. Charitable Team Building

Turn your team building event up to the next level by adding a philanthropic component. Hit your corporate and social responsibility goals while cultivating strong bonds amongst your team. Consider the impact you’d like to make and whether your team would enjoy an intensive activity like building bikes or something more creative. Choosing a charitable team building project also shows your team that your organization cares about the community.

Pro Tip: Companies that organize charitable team building events qualify for tax deductions.

If you need help with creating a team building for good event. Please, check out ways you can get involved with Foster Love - Together We Rise. https://www.togetherwerise.org/teambuilding-for-good/

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