July 27, 2020

4 Tips to Stay COVID Safe When Taking Your Child to the Doctor


COVID has most people questioning how to stay safe in every situation. This includes when making doctors’ appointments and taking children to see their pediatrician. Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’s Attending Physician Dr. Patel says, “I’m encouraging families to come in. It’s so important that children continue to get the health care they need, including preventive care.”

So we know that pediatricians want to see your children and they want them healthy. Now here are 4 tips to stay COVID safe when taking your child to the doctor.

1. Check Up on the Setup

There are many adjustments that our health care providers have made. If this is not an appointment that can be made through telemedicine, call and ask about the setup. Find out if you need there are any special protocols for entrances and exits. It doesn’t hurt to learn the lay of the land.

2. Gamify Safety Procedures

If you have very young children or children who do not do well at the doctors, gamify it. Add incentives to good behavior. Let the children know that you are asking them to do these things to stay safe.

3. Come Prepared

If this is not a routine vaccine or check-up come prepared with a sheet of paper with questions. This way you can help get the information you need quickly.

Coming prepared can also mean setting your child up for a fast visit. Dress them appropriately, for example, maybe ditch the onesie if the doctor needs to examine your child’s body. Or have your child wear a short-sleeved shirt if they are getting boosters in their arms. Coming prepared helps limit the time you have to spend in the hospital.

4. Keep Things Clean

We are very familiar with the fact that small children will and can put anything in their mouths. Remember to bring hand-sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. Make sure that you limiting what you all touch and keeping your hands clean.

Remember no one is perfect. Hospitals are doing their best to keep clean and limit the spread of COVID. Help them by being prepared and informed before your next appointment.

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