June 5, 2020

4 Websites to Check Out Children’s Books for FREE

Did you know that you can check out children’s books for free online? Reading to your children is a great way to spend time and bond. We challenge you to turn off the tv this evening and get into a book. With COVID, not everyone has access to a library or bookstore. Check out 4 websites offering children’s books for free.

1. Open Library

An extension of the nonprofit Internet Archive and Open Library offers a diverse collection of books for free online.  There are over 22,000 children’s books, including popular classic and modern titles. Create a list and check back often for new releases.

2. Free Nook Books Through Barnes & Noble

Most are familiar with Barnes & Noble, a beacon of hope for book lovers across the decades. Their site has a special children’s section broken down by age-appropriate options. So you can find some great Disney, Peppa Pig, and Dr. Seuss stories.

3. Amazon’s Free eBooks for Kids

Many people already depend on Amazon for basic items to food. The platform started as an online space for reselling used and new books so it is no wonder they offer online books for free. You do need a Kindle to have access to their free content but with over 3k ebooks for kids, it may be worth investing in the device.

4. Mrs. P’s Magic Library

An award-winning free storybook destination, Mrs. P’s Magic Library offers more than just books. You can stream stories, browse online learning games, and activities. For those who are teachers, there is a special section of class resources. If you want to enjoy listening to a good story with your children this is a fun website.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we hope that you can take advantage of these sites offering children’s books for free online. For more activities to do with the family, check out our Safer at Home Service Projects here.

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