June 9, 2020

5 Bad Habits You’ve Picked Up During COVID


What bad habits have you’ve picked up during COVID? Not exercising? Maybe wearing the same pajamas for days? Now that we are going back to work and slowly back to life, as usual, it’s time to revaluate. Here is our list of 5 bad habits picked up during COVID.

1. Binging Media

Whether you are re-watching Tiger King or scrolling Instagram for hours, the time has come to cut it out. During stressful times people turn to escapism. It is no wonder Netflix has a function that asks if you are still watching.

While coping mechanisms are great during stressful times. Think about whether you want to spend so much time in front of screens moving forward.

2. Delivery Everyday

Okay, stores are opening up. You might be feeling brave enough to re-enter the world with a mask and stop prime ordering every day. Today might be the day you shop in an actual grocery store versus ordering Grubhub.

During the peak of COVID delivery saved us all. But you can take safe trips out and it is okay to let this habit be a thing of the past.

3. No Structure and No Pants

For many the week seemed to pass in two sections, the long blob for work and the short weekend blob. Days melted into each other and pretty soon March turned into June. Where did the time go??? It is time to embrace the routine and start to organize your days and weeks.

Even if you are still strict on social distancing, take time to build out how your day will look. Plan your week, get excited about knowing how your time is allocated.

4. Panic Eating

We aren’t shaming you for eating that pint of ice cream. Food is a simple comfort that many people use in times of uncertainty. As we move back try and look for other distractions outside of food to help curb your anxieties.

5. Pandemic Tracking

Being informed is critical but some of us took it to an extreme. You don’t need up to the second news about COVID-19. It is okay to unplug from social media, take a break from the news and live. We don’t need the extra trauma of pandemic tracking, it is enough to be mindful of its presence. Knowing that 2 more people tested positive in your city is cool but you don’t need to constantly seek out this information. Especially if it is impacting your mental health.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we hope any bad habits have you’ve picked up during COVID leave you. People are drawn to distractions and need to escape from harsh realities. We get it! The important this is to be reflective and walk away from bad habits picked up while dealing with this pandemic.

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