Jan. 21, 2020

5 Reasons Why LGBTQA+ Identifying People Make Wonderful Foster Parents ⁣

There are many strong opinions about what makes a family. We are firm believers in love being the truest factor. Children in care need many things but above all, they need a safe loving family. Today we chat with Jessi and Millie about love and their top five reasons why LGBTQA+ identifying people make wonderful foster parents.

1. Ready to Foster and Adopt

LGBTQA+ couples are six times more likely to foster children and four times more likely than heterosexual couples to have an adopted child in their household. Despite the fact that less than 20% of agencies actively attempt to recruit LGBTQA+ adoptive parents. LGBTQA+ carers are an integral part of the foster care system and should be recognized as such. Without them, many thousands of children across the world would be homeless.⁣

2. Thriving Families⁣

Studies consistently show that LGBTQA+ foster parents are doing an equal or better job of parenting than their straight counterparts. Overwhelmingly, studies show that same-sex families are thriving – they score particularly well in assessments of family relationships, parental wellbeing, and child adjustment. Fears that children fostered by same-sex couples would face bullying or that their own gender identities might be affected are completely unfounded⁣.

3. Representation

LGBTQA+ youth are over-represented in the foster care system. This means that the percentage of youth in foster care who are LGBTQA+ identified is larger than that in the general youth population. In fact, studies show that 40% of kids in care identify as LGBTQA+ themselves. These youth need representation in the makeup of care available for them.⁣

4. Teaching Acceptance⁣

Research shows, children raised by LGBTQA+ parents are more likely to be self-aware, tolerant and accepting. They communicate about their feelings more openly, show more empathy for those who are different and are less restricted by traditional gender roles. This is generally because LGBTQA+ parents share household duties more evenly than opposite-sex couples, teaching their children that equality and respect are important in every relationship.

5. Love Makes a Family⁣

Love makes a family. Not genetics, not gender, not sexuality. Just a whole lot of love!!⁣

As LGBTQA+ foster parents we have faced a lot of stigmas, both in the application process and within the foster care and adoption community. Our hope is that we can work together in a more productive and inclusive manner for the sake of the children in our care. – Jessi and Millie (@jessi_and_millie)

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we would like to thank Jessi and Millie for sharing their views on LGBTQA+ foster parents. We hope that more people can open their hearts and homes to love. If you would like to contribute to our blog, please contact us here.

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