May 8, 2020

5 Steps to Reopening During COVID-19


As states begin reopening during COVID-19 we offer some insight on best practices to consider before the team returns. Obviously, the threat of the COVID-19 virus has not diminished. But we should be proactive about keeping ourselves, our teams, and our supporters safe as we reopen. Based on CAL OSHA’s recommendations, here are 5 steps to reopening during COVID-19.

1. Write Up A Clear Plan

One of the most important things to consider before reopening during COVID-19 is the action plan. Who is taking responsibility for what? What measures are being taken to prevent the spread of the virus?

Establishing and writing out a plan will give your team confidence that you are considering their health and safety. The concern is we are dealing with something that is unseen. So writing out the process and documenting the new expectations is imperative.

2. Training

You have new written guidelines, now you need to train your team on those expectations. The office space your team is returning to is not the same space they left. Use training as a way to educate your team on safety procedures and expectations that must be met. Ultimately, how can you hold your team accountable for new behavior without training them on it.

3. Establishing Measures

This step is where you are not only encouraging the best safety practices for your team but enacting them. You are setting up a space that is safe. Finding ways to increase the distance between employees by physically changing seating areas. Not just talking about more cleaning practices, but purchasing all the items you need to keep your team safe at work.

4. Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols

We have established written the road map, done the training, set up the workspace, now we need to give the team the time to implement these practices. Make sure their schedule allows for time to implement the new cleaning practices.

5. Keep Physical Distancing

Implement measures for physical distancing. This includes adding visual cues, like taping out the space around each person’s desk. Making adjustments to physical meetings and shared spaces. Being mindful of high traffic areas and reducing the number of people funneling through their between cleanings.

In Conclusion

Reopening during COVID-19 is going to require a lot of adjustments but if you are leading your team through example and are transparent it will help. Your team’s concern stem from concerns about their health, wellbeing, and lives. Until we have a vaccine people will continue to succumb to this virus. So it is important to remember that the office you and your team are returning to is not the same. The world we live in is not the same.

For now, we must continue to look for guidance from the experts and hope this summary of  CAL OSHA’s guidelines help.

We also encourage you to help kids in care during the pandemic. Get involved here and help change lives.

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