Oct. 1, 2019

5 Things You Need To Know About Socktober


Here are the top 5 think you need to know about Socktober.

1. What is Socktober?

You must be wondering, ‘What in the world is Socktober?’ Well, it is a made-up word based on SOCK and OCTOBER. We are using the term to let people know that this October we are dedicating to donating socks to kids in foster care.

2. Why Socks?

Often when children enter the care system they are removed from their homes with little to nothing. During the winter it can be more problematic because of the weather. Socks are such an overlooked staple and we want to ensure that kids in care don’t have to worry about this essential.

3. How Does Socktober Work?

Socktober is a two-part effort. The first part came in as a donation of 75,000 socks from our partner Bombas. They understand that kids in foster care often go without basic essentials so they stepped up and sent us pallets of socks. The second part is the distribution/delivery. So for the entire month of October, we are raising funds for shipping out the 75,000 socks.

4. Help Us Deliver Socks

We have the socks and a directory of agencies across the U.S. to send them to. Now we just need to ship them there, and this is where you come in! We’ve done some math and figured out that it costs $1 to ship 3 pairs of socks. To make shipping more efficient we are shipping socks in two different sized boxes. A small box comes with 150 socks and is shipped for $50 bucks. A large box is $100 for shipping and comes with 300 socks. So you can help sponsor a small or large box or just a few socks. Literally, any amount helps us give socks to kids across the country.

5. Share the Spirit

One of the best ways to help us this Socktober is to talk about it. Share our posts on your social. Start a Socktober fundraising jar at work for people to help donate change. Round up the change at your business. Any way you can share information to others helps raise awareness about kids in foster care.

Get Ready

Now that you know the basics, you’re ready! Please check out our Socktober page to donate, share, and to talk about it.

If You Are A Foster Agency Or Foster Parent

If you are a foster agency or foster parent and would like to have access to socks please connect with us. Foster agencies who are in our partner network can contact our Impact Team. Those foster agencies who’d like to partner with us can join via this registration form. https://www.togetherwerise.org/partnership-registration/

For foster parents, please ask your agency if they are a Foster Love - Together We Rise partner. If, your agency is a partner, ask them to request sock from the Impact Team. If not, please encourage them to join our partner network using this link (https://www.togetherwerise.org/partnership-registration/). This way we can get socks to all the kiddos in your area. If you have other questions or sock requests contact us at info@togetherwerise.org.

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