May 28, 2020

5 Ways to Stay Safe as We Reopen the Country During COVID-19


We all want to stay safe as we reopen the country during COVID-19. Until there is a vaccine or new scientific development, it is important to remain cautious and follow CDC guidelines. As a country, we shall continue to look towards our leaders for help but ultimately it is up to each individual to take precautions based on their health. We have created a list of the top 5 ways to stay safe as we reopen the country during COVID-19.

1. Stay Informed

Every day there is new information, new opening procedures for cities, counties, and states. The first step to staying safe as we reopen the country is to stay informed. Try following your local health department or the CDC for up to date information.

2. Practice Social Distancing

Reducing infection continues to be the priority as business slowly reopen. When you are around people in public be mindful of their space and yours. Keep the six feet of space and limit where you have been.

3. Cover Your Mouth and Nose

This is a very simple way to be respectful of other’s health. Wearing a face mask is kindness in action. It shows people that you are informed and understand that you may be asymptomatic so you are taking steps to reduce the virus spread.

4. Keep Clean

Keep washing those hands, disinfecting what you touch, and covering all those sneezes and coughs.

5. Be Smart About Your Choices

Health is a very personal subject. Regardless of your age, health varies and those with pre-existing conditions are more vulnerable to COVID-19. Every time you are out in public you are at risk of exposing yourself and your family to the coronavirus so be smart in those choices.

Be honest with yourself when it comes to your intentions. Are you trying to go out because you are bored? Do you really need (blank)? Can this activity wait?

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we hope you stay safe as we reopen the country during COVID-19. Please remain kind and respectful of others as everyone is struggling through something these days.

For those interested in helping foster youth through the crisis, please get involved here.

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