April 6, 2022

6 Summer Activities for Foster Families


We all have fond memories of childhood summers. Hanging out with friends all day long or laughing while doing fun activities with our families. The first day of summer vacation is every kid’s favorite day! Summer activities also provide the perfect opportunity for foster families to bond and make happy memories together.

Here are some creative and adventurous summer activity ideas for foster families. Plus, they’re a great way to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather. Whether you’re looking for something to do on a weekend afternoon or want to plan an all-day outing, these activities are budget-friendly and are sure to keep everyone entertained!

1. Painting Rocks

What could be more fun than decorating and painting rocks with your family? All you need are some rocks with a flat side, paint, and brushes! Connect with your family and get conversations started. Ask each other engaging questions such as about what they’re painting and how they came up with the designs. You might discover your child has a skill with paints or a creative imagination! A painted rock may seem small but could be a cherished keepsake for a child.

2. Plant a Garden

A family that gardens together, grows together! Share the joys of digging in the dirt and plant a garden with your foster family. Growing a plant from seed is an awesome way of connecting to nature and teaches kids responsibility! Seeing the progress and beauty of their hard work can also help kids gain self-confidence. Consider growing a vegetable garden to get your kids to eat more vegetables (hopefully!).

3. Backyard Camping

You don’t have to travel far to appreciate the great outdoors. Instead set up a tent and enjoy a night of backyard camping with your foster family! Setting up the tent together can be a fun team challenge. Make the experience fun by sharing campfire stories and eating smores. No campfire? No problem! You can make indoor smores using the microwave or get really creative by using a terracotta pot and charcoal briquettes for outdoor smores fun!

4. Museums and Educational Activities

The learning doesn’t have to stop with the last day of school! Take a fun day trip together with your foster family by visiting museums and doing fun educational activities. This can help them discover new interests and further enrich their education.

Need some ideas? Try some of these activities:

  • Visit the local library. Set a reading goal and challenge your kids to read more books. Entice them with a summer ice cream party as a tasty reward!
  • Do a science experiment outside (so the house doesn’t get too messy)! Build an erupting volcano with baking soda and vinegar.
  • Have your kids find their inner Picasso and get inspired by visiting an art museum.
  • Discover and learn about cool animals with an adventurous day at the zoo or aquarium!

Many museums offer budget-friendly children’s events. Visit their websites to find an event that fits your family’s interests.

5. Outdoor Games

Who doesn’t love a good game night? Outdoor games are a great way to help your foster family with some quality bonding time. A little friendly competition can also help kids learn valuable life skills such as good sportsmanship and empathy. Get your foster family involved in an outdoor game of soccer. Just kicking a ball around is an easy way to stay active and get a few good laughs in. Or dive into some fun board games, outside on the picnic table. Like Yahtzee, Ticket To Ride, or (my personal childhood favorite) Jumanji!

6. Nature Walk Journal

The best part about summertime is the serene nature walks. Many local parks have mapped nature trails that are easy to traverse with your foster family. Keep a nature walk journal to keep your kids engaged in discovery and learning. Have them write about the plants and animals they find. They’ll have a wonderful time drawing the things they saw on the nature walk. The best thing is everyone can contribute to this activity journal and revisit fun memories the nature walks brought.

In Conclusion- Foster Families Like Fun Too

Summertime activities are a great opportunity for foster families to bond and make cherished memories. Whether you’re playing games, going on hikes, or just spending time together making smores in the backyard. These activities can help strengthen the relationships in your foster home.

Not a foster family but still want to help a child in foster care? You can! Consider making a donation to Foster Love - Together We Rise. This organization provides essential items for children in foster care. Donations go towards things such as providing bikes and birthday boxes to children in foster care. Your donation will help a child in foster care and contribute to building fun summertime memories. Thank you for enriching children’s lives!


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