Oct. 9, 2020

6 Ways to Give Back During the Holidays


Giving back during the holidays doesn’t have to be canceled! 2020 has taken so much but one thing it can’t stop are the do-gooders of the world. Here is a quick guide to ways you can still give back during the holidays.

1. Pass on Gifts

One very simple way to give back during the holidays is forgoing gifts and donating to your favorite charity instead.

2. Help a Food Bank

COVID has caused so many issues, one that many people are facing is food insecurity. Find out what your local food bank needs and help them. Some are still in need of volunteers, some need supplies, and others could always your monetary help.

3. Start A Fundraiser

So you want to share your passion for doing good with others. One great way you can do this is by starting a fundraiser on behalf of a charity you like. Most nonprofits have a function like this on their website or you can do one on their Facebook.

Get your friends and family excited about helping others. We can do so much more together!

4. Sponsor a Service Project

While most places are limiting in-house volunteer events there are still other ways to get involved. Foster Love - Together We Rise offers tons of different service projects that can be done at home with your family, or anywhere you are for the holidays.

Service projects are a great way to give back directly to your community. Learn more HERE.

5. Start an Amazon Wishlist

If you know of a nonprofit that is struggling to get supplies, make them an amazon wishlist and get your friends and family to help sponsor items. This is a simple way to address tangible needs, especially since other want to give back during the holidays too!

6. Give Gifts in Support

Another easy way to help nonprofits while giving back during the holidays is to shop their merch. Buy all your gifts from your favorite nonprofit and help inspire others to give and feel remembered.

Thank You!

We hope that however, you give back this holiday season, you and your family remain healthy and safe. Thank you for continuing to support your community!

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