Jan. 9, 2020

6 Ways to Help Kids in Foster Care in 2020

Happy 2020 everyone! We are sure you have some great goals you plan on crushing this year. We do too! Hopefully, in your 2020 plans, you have included being more active with your activism, helping your community, and doing more for kids in foster care. If you have or haven’t thought about this, we are here to help. Here are our top 6 ways to help kids in  foster care during 2020.

1. Get Involved with Local Service Project

One of the best ways to help kids in foster care is by helping those closet to you with a service project. Give back directly by raising money and assembling Sweet Case duffle bags. Or host a drive for new items for newborns. Service projects can be a simple way to make a direct impact and they can be very simple or elaborate.

2. Start a Corporate and Social Responsibility Movement at Work

Whether you are working for a fortune 500 company or yourself, starting a CSR initiative that includes kids in foster care is wonderful. Find out whether the company you work for has any giving back or charitable initiatives already. Don’t be afraid to ask and suggest that they include or start helping nonprofits that help kids in foster care.

3. Tax Breaks for Donations, Yes!

We may not have full control of where all our tax money goes but you can get tax write-offs for donating to foster care nonprofits. Look into donating and remember that monetary donations not only help directly but also allow you to increase your tax deductions.

4. Donate Your Birthday

Ask your friends and family to forgo your birthday gifts and to donate on your behalf of a foster nonprofit. This is a great way to make an impact and start a new tradition to help others. Most nonprofits have the ability to donate your birthday through Facebook, or directly on their website.

5. Volunteer More

Thinking about getting involved more? Become a regular volunteer with your local nonprofit for kids in care. Consider even becoming a mentor with CASA. If you have time, really think about how you can directly make a difference by donating your time and energy.

6. Vote for Legislation that Helps Kids in Foster Care

2020 is an election year and there are tons of state bills coming through. Look into what is coming up to vote in your state and see if you can’t vote on items that help kids in care. We are currently working on a list (per state) of measures/acts/varying bills that involve the foster care system. Obviously, we are not telling you how to vote, but encourage you to look into how you can help kids in  foster care by voting.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, please continue to inform yourselves and take your new year resolutions one day at a time. Not every day is perfect and just continue to move forward when possible. Thank you for continuing to keep kids in foster care in mind as you move through this year.

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