Oct. 5, 2019

6 Ways Your Business Can Help On Giving Tuesday

How can your business help on Giving Tuesday? There are so many ways to get involved and with Giving Tuesday! As experts in corporate and social responsibility. Here are our top 6 ways your business can help.

1. Donate a Percentage of Your Sales

This is the easiest way to make an impact on Giving Tuesday. Let your audience know that a percentage of the sales for the day are going to help a charity. It encourages people to patron your business and feel good about spending money.

Our partners Albanese donate a dollar per candy bag sale during the month of November to help us for Giving Tuesday. To sweeten their giving, they also donate one bag of candy as an in-kind donation.

2. Do a Round-Up the Change Fundraiser

Not everyone can give on the percentage level, especially if you are a mom and pop shop. So rather than cutting into your sales, help empower your customer’s ability to give. You can do this with a “Round-Up” the change fundraiser. A “Round-Up” the change fundraiser is simple, rather than the customer paying $4.75 for something, they pay $5 even. So essentially, they are committing to donate .25 cents through your business to help a charity.

3. Donate the Sales of a Specific Item or Service

Really make the day about giving back by donating the proceeds of an item or service. This allows you to talk about the cause and help incentives your audience to try a product.

4. Volunteer Your Services

There are several charity events held by local charities during this season. Sign up on their volunteer list and make a difference. Email: info@togetherwerise.org to join the TWR volunteer list.

5. Commit to a Service Project

Committing to complete a service project could be a way to get your whole team involved while helping.

6. Make a Straight Donation

So you don’t want to get your audience involved. You have limited time and really want to help. Then just make a straight, tax-deductible donation. Easy-peasy.

Giving Tuesday is Almost Here!

Regardless of how you get involved, it is important to show your community support on Giving Tuesday. For further tips, please feel free to contact us here.

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