March 23, 2020

7 Fun Activities for Kids at Home During the Coronavirus Outbreak

With the kids at home during the coronavirus outbreak, life is feeling tense. The health and wellbeing of foster children is our number one priority as an organization. We send our deepest condolences to those families impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.

With so much uncertainty due to the COVID-19/coronavirus outbreak, it can be overwhelming to manage the change. In California, where the Foster Love - Together We Rise headquarters is located, we are participating in the “Safer at Home” effort. For many, that means lots of time with their kiddos. A lot of time. How do are you entertaining your kids at home during the coronavirus outbreak? So how does one pass this time safely?

To help you pass the time productively, Foster Love - Together We Rise has come up with a list of 7 fun activities for kids at home during the coronavirus outbreak.

1. Create a Scavenger Hunt Kids at home during coronavirus

Everyone has a different household set up and a scavenger hunt is an easy way to get kids moving and thinking regardless of the space. Scavenger hunts can be as simple as having kids find objects on a list or as complicated as placing new clues with each object. The time you invest in engineering the game the more fun the activity is for the kids!

2. Cooking Class Kids at home during coronavirus

Many parents are concerned with how they are going to educate their kids during the coronavirus outbreak. There are endless resources and books and online guides. So don’t fret! A simple way to inject learning into your activity time is by adding a cooking class. Pick a meal that you and your kiddos can make together. Take the time to make something from scratch and show them the value of taking care of themselves.

While we are practicing social distancing, this may be a great time to learn how to bake bread. Or, maybe make a spaghetti dinner, where you make the sauce and noodles from scratch.

3. Start a Garden Kids at home during coronavirus

Starting a garden can be a fun activity for kids of all ages. Whether you are starting afresh or have a greenhouse there is always room for more plant life. A great way to start is by drying out your own fruit seeds and creating seedlings to repot.

Obviously, many of us are bunkered down and limiting our travel during the coronavirus outbreak. So this may not be feasible for everyone. But you can easily order some basic pots and seeds through Amazon if you’re excited about this idea.

4. Blanket Fort Camping Kids at home during coronavirus

As we continue to practice social distancing an at home campout might be the next best thing to real camping. Pick a place in your house to make real cozy, get creative with mood lighting, and don’t forget the “campfire” stories.

Blanket fort camping is a great way to have fun while home during the coronavirus. It just takes a little imagination and some cozy blankets.

5. Game Night Kids at home during coronavirus

Rather than letting Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+ fill your nights try and teach your kiddos new games during game night. Whether it is cards, chess, checkers, or a strategy focused board game. Try and learn a new game and share the experience together. This is a simple way of sharing a new experience with your kids at home during the coronavirus outbreak.

6. Letter Writing Campaign Kids at home during coronavirus

Cursive is not dead! Teach or have your kiddos practice writing letters to family in cursive. Bring back the old style of handwriting in a fun letter writing activity. Write to family or friends and tell them that they are missed.

7. Karaoke! Kids at home during coronavirus

Music can really soothe the soul during times of stress. Go to youtube and make a karaoke playlist and do karaoke as a family. Let your kids pick their favorite songs to sing along and share the living room stage for a musical night. This is a great activity for you and your kids at home during the coronavirus outbreak.

In Conclusion, Spending Time with the Kids at Home During the Coronavirus is Great Bonding!

In conclusion, we’d like to thank you for following the initiatives set by your state for helping stop the spread of COVID-19/coronavirus outbreak. As we continue to navigate these times of uncertainty it is important to look towards one another for kindness and strength.

We hope you enjoy these 7 fun activities for kids at home during the coronavirus outbreak. Send us photos of your family doing one of these activities at our contact here.

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