June 2, 2022

7 Fun Activities To Stay Cool This Summer With Your Foster Family

It’s summertime! The sun is staying out longer and the days are getting hot. It can be tough to come up with new activities to keep everyone entertained and cool during the hot summer months. That’s why we put together this list of six fun activities that you can do with your foster family this summer. From lemonade stands to watercolor shirts, we’ve got you covered! So get out there, stay cool, and enjoy the summertime! Don’t forget the sunscreen!

1. Make Popsicles

The official sweet treat of summer is popsicles and ice cream! Stay cool this summer and make popsicles at home with your foster family. Get creative with your flavors! Make them colorful with fresh fruit or make rainbow popsicles with different layered colors. Get creative and create different flavor combinations! Making popsicles is a fun activity with a yummy reward! 

2. Find a Shady Spot

This summer find a shady spot under a tree to relax or play with your foster family. Shaded areas can feel about 10 degrees cooler and will help protect you from the sun’s rays. Don’t have a shady backyard? No problem! Make an outdoor blanket fort with your foster family. Have fun brainstorming and constructing the fort together. It can be something as simple as hanging a bedsheet over a rope clothesline.

3. Lemonade Stand

Stay hydrated this summer and help your neighbors cool off with a lemonade stand! This activity will help keep your kids entertained all day long! Help them decorate a lemonade stand sign and show them how to mix the lemonade. Starting a lemonade stand is a great way to connect with the community and fundraise money to help other children in foster care! 

4. Go For A Swim

Who doesn’t love to go for a swim on a hot summer day? Go visit the local community pool or get a blow-up pool for the backyard! Start a contest with your foster family to see who can do the best cannonball! Feeling a little adventurous? Take a day trip to a nearby lake or find a local creek to explore and dip your feet in!

5. Sprinkler Fun

You don’t need a pool to cool off! Running through the water sprinkler is one of the best activities during the hot summer months. Have fun playing yard games around the sprinkler like freeze tag or Simon says. Or help your foster family create a fun obstacle course with pool noodles and hula hoops! 

6. Sponge Bombs

What’s more fun in the summer than playing with water? Make your summer water games even more fun by crafting sponge bombs! You’ll need three items to make sponge bombs– colorful sponges, twine, and scissors! Cut the sponges into strips and tie them together. Then soak the sponge bombs in water and get ready to cool off with a fun game of sponge toss!

7. Watercolor Shirts

Is it truly summer without tie-dye shirts? For this activity, you’ll need something to throw water. This could include water guns, sponges, or water balloons. You’ll also need white t-shirts, colorful Kool-Aid powder, and water. Next, fill the water guns with the diluted Kool-Aid. Put on the white shirts and start a water fight! Whoever has the most colorful shirt wins!

If you want your tie-dye colors to last we recommend using colors from a tie-dye kit and hanging up the shirts to use as target practice. Tie-dye colors tend to stain your skin for a few days. Tie-dye a shirt from the Foster Love Shop! 100% of the proceeds go towards helping children in foster care and you’ll look stylish (groovy!). When you’re done dyeing your shirt, refill your water guns with clean water and cool off with a water fight! 

Stay Cool This Summer

Thank you for reading our blog post! The summer heat can be hot and brutal. But we hope these activities will help your foster family cool off so you can enjoy the summer together! Remember to stay hydrated!
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