Aug. 18, 2020

7 Parenting Lessons Learned During COVID


As we enter the 5th month of the pandemic we started reflecting on what we have learned. Really, think about it. Our entire lives have shifted and we keep adapting. It speaks to our resiliency as humans.

Here are our staff’s top 7 parenting lessons learned during COVID.

1. Always Carry Disinfectant

It is shocking how often children touch things and directly go to sticking their hands in their mouth. Because disinfectant wipes are still hard to come by, we recommend using a ziplock back and soaking a few paper towels with a board spectrum disinfecting. Don’t forget to carry that with you everywhere.

2. Masks Can Be Scary to Kids

Young children can have a hard time wanting to wear one. Keeping the mask on general can be tough. Try getting them acclimated by asking them to wear a mask when they watch tv. No mask, no tv.

3. Distance Learning Takes Work

Education is so important and boy do we appreciate teachers so much more after these five months. Check out some reading resources to help with distance learning.

4. Visits to the Pediatrician Don’t Stop

Even in a pandemic, it is essential to ensure your children are keeping up with their vaccination schedule and see their pediatrician.

5. Exercise is Important

Finding creative ways to get keep our kids active has helped keep everyone healthy and ready for bedtime.

6. Schedules are King

Keeping up with a schedule has allowed the days to feel organized and productive.

7. It is Okay to Not Have the Answers

If your kids can speak, they are asking questions. With the pandemic, there are so many and the world hasn’t ended because we have shared with our children that we may not know. This honesty has allows us to be more open with our children and teach them about media literacy and research.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we hope that our top 7 parenting lessons learned during COVID resonate with you. May your family continue to stay safe and healthy.

For those looking for ways to help foster youth through the pandemic, join us here.

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