May 13, 2020

7 Tips to Help Children with Distant Learning During COVID-19


Do you need some tips on how to help your children with distant learning during COVID-19? With many states still keeping schools closed. The return to traditional education is uncertain at this time. It seems parents may still be in charge of their children’s distant learning until at least the new school year. So, we created a list of our top 7 tips to help children with distant learning during COVID-19.

1. Create a Designated Learning Space

This is a very important tip not just for distant learning but for remote work. Create a space that is just for school work. Whether it is a table or desk or section of a living room. Make sure this space is just for learning. You and your children will be more productive, especially since it does not cross over with spaces for relaxation.

2. Make a Schedule

We aren’t asking you to micromanage but schedules are consistently proven to keep children on task and organized. The predictability and structure help to keep productivity up and eliminates the distraction of surprise.

3. Video Chat with Friend

One of the best things about school is hanging out with your friends. Make sure to find ways to allow your children to chat with their friends. Zoom and Google Hangouts are easy to use and can help keep your kids feeling connected to their classmates and friends.

4. Vary Lesson Mediums

Not all of your children’s work has to take place in front of a screen. Try mixing up screen time with traditional learning, like reading, or practicing math on old fashion lined paper. Don’t forget to add physical activities too.

5. Connect with Other Parents

This is a great time to stay connected with other parents from your children’s class. They can be a resource and support. Make that call, send out that text or email. See if there is a way you can collaborate.

6. This is NOT a Vacation

Be firm with your children about what the rules are. This is not a vacation, not for you and not for them. Children look to their parents for guidance so make sure to set the tone that you want.

7. Limit Distractions

This is the most important tip. Make sure that their workspace is distraction-free. This means no tv in the background, toys to play with and maybe set up some restrictions on the devices they use for school work.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we hope that this list of our top 7 tips to help children with distant learning during COVID-19 works for you. Raising children during a lockdown is not easy. If you are interested in helping kids in foster care while at home. Check out our Safer at Home Service Projects here.


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