March 4, 2020

A Bright Future For Texas Kids in Foster Care


There is a bright future for Texas kids in foster care. This week Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott met with employers, community advocates, and the Texas Workforce Commission. The meeting focused on bringing awareness to foster youth. Currently, the TWC provides support to 18 Foster Youth Transition centers across Texas. The transition centers help prepare foster youth for employment. As a result, these transition centers help reduce instability among aged out foster youth.

Why Cecilia Abbott Supports Texas Kids in Foster Care

Texas First Lady Cecilia Abbott is working to improve foster care across Texas. She says,

For every child in our foster care system to live a life worthy of their promise, they need what I call a Network of Nurture—a community of families and friends, churches and congregations, business leaders and nonprofit organizations, and anyone. For our youth in foster care nearing adulthood, they especially need our help in finding the right path to self-sufficiency and career success.

What are Transitions Centers?

Transition Centers are designed to support foster youth and offer services like job readiness, higher ed enrollment assistance, food, and housing assistance. Since 2008, TWC continues to fund clearinghouses to help prevent and serve at-risk youth who experience homelessness.

During the meeting TWC Commissioner Representing Employers, Aaron Demerson, said,

Today is a great example of the community and businesses working together to provide career opportunities for transitioning foster youth in Texas. I look forward to visiting with organizations, employers, and workforce advocates at Foster Youth Transition centers throughout Texas to listen, learn and take action related to employment opportunities.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we are excited to see the good works done by TWC and Lady Cecilia Abbott. Texas kids in foster care deserve all the support they can get. So, we welcome all of the good these transition centers bring.

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