April 4, 2020

A Legacy of Foster to Adopt Montana

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Some people are exposed to the foster care system early on in life just like Shana Smith. At the age of 16, Shana’s family decided to start fostering. When she turned 19 her parents finished the process of adopting her brother. She saw first-hand what the process consisted of and didn’t shy away. In fact, she decided early on that in the future she wanted to foster. We consider her a legacy in the foster to adopt the Montana community.

Beginning the Process of Foster to Adopt in Montana

At 26 Shana began the process of becoming a single foster parent. The time finally came to carry through with the decision she made years before. When she began dating her husband she made it clear that fostering would always be a part of her path and he understood. Later on, when he met Krystina he knew he wanted to be her dad.

The 1st Foster to Adopt Montana Baby

The couple had three unique adoption experiences. The first adoption happened back in 2008. At the time Krystina was only 2 and Shana knew her before she began fostering her. In her case, the placement had to be a child-specific placement. Shana grew very attached throughout the 18 months of fostering. They finally adopted Krystina on March 20, 2008.

Adding Two More Kids

The second adoption experience happened a little faster. Their son, Christopher, had his parental rights terminated which meant his process would be faster. For foster to adopt in Montana, you have to wait 6 months after placement to go through with an adoption. After those six months, on July 15, 2016, the family became Christopher’s new forever family.

Their last adoption experience happened through private adoption. A friend of Shana’s knew how passionate she and her husband were about fostering and adopting. And given some circumstances needed to find a home for her grandson. The couple jumped at the opportunity to give the newborn boy a home. On March 28, 2019, they finally did give Clay a home.

A Stable Support System is Key

Having a stable support system is important throughout this process. Shana’s family had an entire network of support which made the entire process better. Just being able to talk to others about your journey helps out. Really taking the time to educate yourself about different situations can change your parenting style.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we want to thank Shana for sharing her foster to adopt in Montana story. For those in the process of fostering to adopt, Foster Love - Together We Rise offers free adoption day photography. Click here for more information.

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