Jan. 20, 2021

A Pandemic Can’t Stop Our Forever Family

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It is remarkable to think we are almost a full year into the pandemic. We are 10 long months into a new norm of isolation, work from home, and InstaCart groceries. Yet a pandemic can’t stop love and for Meagan Yost, the pandemic can’t stop her forever family plans.

Meagan Yost and her husband started their foster parent journey in 2018. Here is a glimpse at the wonderful conversation we had about love, compassion, community, and why a pandemic couldn’t stop their forever family.

Q. How Did Your Adoption Journey Begin?

A. Our journey to fostering started in 2018. We struggled with fertility and having a baby of our own. After losing our one and only pregnancy we really took a step back to see how we wanted to start a family.

We kept seeing signs for “foster parents needed.” We went to a meeting just to see what it was all about and then continued on to do classes. We officially become certified foster parents in November 2018. On January 4th, 2019, the call for our boys came in and we never looked back!

Q. When is Your Adoption Date?

A. Our adoption date was September 2nd, 2020.

Q. Please Share Your Adoption Experience With Us.

We have honestly had a great adoption experience. We surrounded ourselves with an amazing tribe of people that have helped us all along the way.  I really don’t think we would be where we are today without all the people around us. It is a very slow process and you have to keep the faith that things will work out just as they should.

Q. What Is The Best Experience You’ve Had Through This Process?

A. Our life has changed a ton! We went from a husband and wife that both worked full time. My husband traveled a lot and was sometimes away from home weeks at a time. But 2 weeks into getting placed with our boys, my husband broke his leg and needed surgery.

After that we made a decision for him to stay home fulltime and he be a stay at home dad. It has all been a blessing and the time we have had with our boys as a family has truly been amazing. If he was still traveling, I do not believe the bond we have would be as strong.

Q. How Has Your Life Changed Since You Started This Journey?

Adoption is wonderful!  It is scary… but so worth it! These are kids that have had an unfair start in life but are just looking for an adult to love and care for them!! They are amazing kids and we cannot picture our life without them.

Q. Any Advice You’d Like To Share With People Choosing To Adopt?

People ask us all the time what it has been like.  We tell them to watch Instant Family and they will know. Fostering and adopting is a total rollercoaster of a ride.  Just hold on through the ride and it will be so fun!

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we’d like to thank Meagan Yost and her family for chatting with us about their foster care adoption. Hearing about how the pandemic couldn’t stop their forever family plans is truly inspiring.

For those looking to build their forever family through foster care and adoption, check out our adoption calculator here.

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