July 19, 2019

Activate Your Total CSR Plan Today

Total CSR

Activate your total CSR plan today. Corporate and social responsibility (CSR) is one of the hottest topics in business. It stems from the idea that businesses are a part of the community, therefore, they are also responsible for investing in the greater good of said community.

Oftentimes people over-complicate on how to get started. Sure, you should be making a long-term strategic plan. However, you can easily activate your total CSR plan today.

The First Step

Consider who is on your team. For a CSR program to be effective there should be an element of ownership across all levels of employees. This should be an inclusive project that extends from within to the greater community.

The people who work in your organization will likely live in the same local community. So, doing charitable work there helps everyone. It empowers your staff and creates favorability with your brand.

Use Reason

What are some reasonable ways your team can help? Can you afford a tax-deductible donation? Do you want to cover volunteer hours for employees? Maybe an environmental initiative is feasible.

In the nonprofit world, there is a common saying that people should give until it hurts. It implies that you should take your charitability to a point where it is an actual sacrifice on your time or dollars. It is easy to give five dollars, but really ruminate on what you can actually invest in your community, not just the bare minimum.

Start Today

Now that you have thought on the two points above we can talk about how to get started with a nonprofit partner. Look into working with a nonprofit that speaks to your team and the community. With Foster Love - Together We Rise we work with youth in foster care nationwide and we see the impact daily. Employees like knowing that their actions, whether it is monetary or time, helps people in their community directly.

Make a list of potential nonprofits and let your team and/or customers vote on who you all should support. Empower your people to choose how and with who you get involved with. Type out that email and make it happen today.

Okay, so maybe you need some help. Want a simple solution to CSR? Let’s chat further. Send us a message and we can work on finding the best practices for your organization. Until then, take a look at some options here. https://www.togetherwerise.org/partnership-opportunities/

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