Nov. 14, 2019

Adopting from Foster Care: Laura’s Story

Adopting from foster care

Adopting from foster careAdopting from foster care is often a difficult journey. With the adoption of a child with special needs comes plenty of challenges but also provides just as much joy. With sacrifices and some hard work, Laura and her husband made things work. Here is their story on how they made it possible. 

Starting a Family by Adopting from Foster Care

Laura and her husband never dreamed they start their family as first-time adoptive parents. However, Laura states that “after watching my sister and her husband go through the process and having their kids’ worker ask us about adopting our son, we realized it was the best way to start our family.” 

Adopting from foster care

On March 3, 2017, they adopted their eight-year-old son with a significant autism diagnosis. Laura and her husband already had experience working at a school for kids with autism so they knew how to do the work. Despite their work experience, it was difficult to convince the state that they were capable of being parents to a kid that would have its challenges. Laura explains, “It hurt our pride, but we kept pushing for many months until they finally agreed to let us move forward with him. Once we met him, we knew the months and months of waiting were completely worth it”.

Beating the Odds

Adopting from foster careEven though other people had their doubts about their son’s capabilities, they still believed in him because they saw all his potential. Laura’s favorite part of this process is to watch her son accomplish many things once thought to be impossible for him. Laura also expresses that watching the bond form between their adopted and biological son is the greatest experience. 

Laura ends our interview by advising that if you are considering adopting from foster care to just keep going, even on days that feel impossible! There are multiple children in need of a forever home in our country and Laura’s hope in sharing this story is that others will want to be part of caring for these kids as well.

In Conclusion

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