July 6, 2020

Adoption: Becoming a Family of 13


Adoption: Becoming a Family of 13

The calling of being a foster parent transcends blood bonds. You have to be prepared to build relationships with children who might not be so open or in some cases their biological families. Reunification is the main goal of foster care and must be pursued when possible and safe. Amber Meyers and her husband began their foster care journey back in 2013. With 5 biological children of their own, adoption never crossed their minds. But, they pursued foster care because they knew they had the capability of helping children in need.

Each Placement Comes With A Story Of Their Own

Over the years they had many placements, each one with a different story. They care for children who came from rough backgrounds, others who maintained relationships with their biological families, and some who had their parent’s rights terminated. Each child had a different story but one thing remained constant, their dedication to the children they cared for. 

The Meyers family understood that reunification is the main goal of foster care. The best-case scenario of fostering is being able to place children back with their biological families when it is safe and possible. The family had a few placements that had the capability of being reunified. They worked tirelessly with the caseworkers and bio families in order to reunite the families. They formed relationships they’ll never forget and grew to love the children they cared for. Saying goodbye never became easy but the Meyers knew that bringing a family back together was more important.

Adoption Sparked By Protection

Throughout their time fostering the Meyers also had placements who could not be reunified with their parents. In fact 6 of the children placed with them had their parent’s parental rights terminated. Seeing the families torn apart sparked a sense of protection in them which is what led them to pursue adoption. Adoption was never a part of their plan but they couldn’t resist their calling. 

A Family Of 13

Over the span of 3 years, the Meyers family adopted 6 children. After 3 years and 3 court cases, the already big family became a family of 13! Of course, some of their biological children already were adults but nevertheless they still bonded with their new siblings. The family had to learn to make adjustments and set up a new routine. Both Amber and her husband relied on each other more than ever and became a better team than they had ever thought. Although, with such a big family there were many responsibilities and the older children stepped in and took responsibility for their new siblings too. Their tiny village relied on each other because they knew that’s what a family does. 

Reunification Is The Goal But Sometimes Things Change

Amber’s foster journey evolved into something beautiful, an even larger family. An important thing the family learned was that it takes a strong support system in order to adopt/foster. You can’t go into the journey with a closed mind. Life has many twists and turns and you have to roll with it. Be prepared for the unexpected and embrace change. Support children in care however you can. Reunification should be a priority if it is the best option so build relationships with the children’s bio parents.

For those looking to help foster youth without fostering or adoption, check out ways you can help here.

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