July 10, 2019

Adoption Guidance: Michelle’s Foster Story

adoption guidance

Adoption guidance is often hard to find. The laws vary from county to county, state to state. So, one of the best ways to learn when looking to adopt is from people who are open to sharing their experiences. Navigating the foster system as a foster parent is not always easy. This week, Michelle, a mother and a foster to adopt advocate, comes with the message of hope that it is never too late to try to help children.

Saving Room for Love

Looking back on the beginning of her foster-to-adopt journey Michelle states, “We received our license in November 2014. We got the call for our Nevaeh on Jan 7, 2015. She was two and a half. A couple of weeks later, we received a call for our three-week-old little boy Ajay on January 23, 2015. Then on December 10, 2015, we welcomed his half-sister Nina Rae. She was eight days old.”

Detailing why she chose to become a foster parent, Michelle expresses, “When we began this journey, we thought we’d have lots of children come through our doors.” After some time, Michelle was able to officially adopt Nevaeh, Ajay, and Nina Rae.

Michelle goes on to say, “They have stolen our hearts and have become a part of our forever family. We are literally starting over because we have three adult sons, ages 31, 29, and 27.  See, so it’s never too late. It warms my heart to say that my sons have embraced these children. They absolutely love them and have a great relationship with them. I love seeing them together. These children fill our hearts with joy and give us hope for the future.”

Words of Encouragement

When asked if there was any advice she’d like to give to ones considering fostering, Michelle says, “Foster parenting is hard, heart work. It has its challenges but is also very rewarding. Remember that the goal is always to reunify and restore. Do your best to support that. Sometimes that’s not always the case.

Open your hearts and home to these children who have so much unconditional love to offer. There are those who say, “I could never do that because I’d get too attached.” I say if you’re not getting attached, then you’re not doing it right. Let’s give these children hope. Let’s give them a future.”

In Conclusion

Thank you, Michelle, for sharing your story with us. If you are in the process of fostering to adopt, we’d like to help you photograph your adoption day. Check out our Framing Forever program for more information. https://www.togetherwerise.org/framing-forever/


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