April 26, 2019

AIG Celebrates Bring Your Child To Work Day

bring your kid to work day

AIG Celebrates Bring Your Child To Work Day

Bring Your Child To Work Day is one of our favorite days to do team builds. Employees get to bring their kids to the office. Children get to learn about the work their parents do while taking in some of the corporate culture. Such a fun time!

This year our friends at AIG invited us out to help them facilitate a charity team build during BYCTWD.

AIG Strengthening Communities Through Volunteerism

AIG has a long history of community engagement. In 2018 AIG employees racked up over 62,000 volunteer hours worldwide. They empower their employee’s philanthropic interests by doubling contributions of up to $5,000 per calendar year. That’s right, for every dollar their employees donate, they give two. This is on top of supporting employee’s donation of time and expertise by providing each employee with two paid volunteer days each year.

Kids Team Bonding

Once our team touched down in New York, we got busy organizing. We set up tables with colored markets and all the fill items.

We love when kids, help kids. Because we were working with many different age groups the children were split up into two groups. One for the littles ages 5-10 and one for more mature kids ages 8-17. The kids were fantastic! Both groups were enthusiastic and excited to help. They were motivated by knowing that these boxes help kids in foster care celebrate their birthdays.

Once everyone was done decorating and filling the boxes, the birthday boxes were ready for donation. Berkshire Farm Center and Services for Youth received the donations to give to the children in their agency.

Needless to say, the team build went well! All the kids had a splendid time and now more children in foster care are able to celebrate more birthdays.

Do you want to help kids in foster care? Join us—> https://www.togetherwerise.org/teambuilding-for-good/

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