April 27, 2022

An Unexpected Adoption Journey


Have you ever considered adoption? Many people feel a calling to adopt or make the decision as a couple to share their love and forever family. Or sometimes life just throws you a curveball! This is exactly what happened when Tracey received a phone call that led to her unexpected adoption journey. We’re excited to share Tracey’s story and how she grew her forever family! Thanks for reading!

The Phone Call

Our story begins when Tracey was in her early 20’s and attending college classes when she received an unexpected phone call from her second cousin. Her cousin frantically told Tracey her baby was taken away from her. Immediately Tracey knew her cousin needed support during this time and flew to Oregon. She was determined to help her cousin get her baby back.

But upon arrival, it became apparent that the situation was more dire than she realized. Her cousin admitted she was addicted to drugs and couldn’t possibly raise the baby. She then asked if Tracey would be willing to raise the baby instead. At this point in her life, Tracy’s mind was a million miles away from starting a family and never had intentions of ever adopting or becoming a foster parent. But in her heart, Tracey knew she couldn’t abandon this child. So she agreed to help!

Becoming a Mother

Tracey’s life changed in the blink of an eye. On May 5th, 2005, the judge gave Tracey permission to take Lexi home with her to California. And just four days later on May 9th, the adoption was finalized. Tracey was now Lexi’s mother and forever family!

With this new chapter in life, Tracey knew she had to make some adjustments in order to make sure Lexi was safe and happy. So she dropped out of college, found work in real estate, and was able to hire a nanny to help with the work of being a new mom. It was important to Tracey for her to be able to provide a stable and loving environment for Lexi.

Lexi had no attachment to anyone or anything, and I knew for her to be successful in life she needed to form strong bonds.

Tracey’s unexpected journey didn’t stop there! In January 2017, Tracey became a foster mom to Cortana and made plans to adopt her on April 8th, 2022. We’re so happy for them!

Forever Family

Tracey was not prepared to become a mother in her early 20’s but she tells us about the rewarding experience that came with her decision to adopt. Tracey and her girls have been on many adventures and have traveled the world with her forever family. When asked what her best experience was throughout this whole process Tracey expresses her joy of being able to provide her girls with these opportunities.

Knowing their biological mom is happy they are safe, and healthy, and have had a life full of adventure, love, and stability.

Tracey is proud of her forever family and also tells us how she is open to expanding her forever family when the time comes.

My girls will always have stability and that when they are older they may want to be in contact with their biological family, and we will open our arms, and hearts to their birth family, and they will also be a part of our forever family.

An Adoption Journey Through Foster Care

Choosing the path of fostering to adopt can be a long process with its own unique challenges. Studies show that 3 in 5 children in foster care are reunified with their parents. Although this can be a bitter and sweet moment for foster parents, it’s important to stay hopeful during the process. Fostering to adopt can also be a rewarding experience and ultimately you are helping to bring safety and happiness to a child! And so we asked Tracey what advice she would share with people looking to adopt.

It can be really hard but it’s worth it to change a child’s life, and to have a more fulfilling life with kids who are full of adventure and joy, and to always make sure they know their biological parents love them even if they are unable to care for them.

In Conclusion

Congratulations to Tracey, Lexi, and Cortana on finding your forever family! Thank you all for sharing your beautiful adoption journey with us. For more information on how to adopt through foster care, check out our adoption calculator.

If you are not able to adopt or foster at this time, please consider making a donation with Foster Love - Together We Rise and help transform how children experience foster care.

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