March 6, 2019

April’s Adoption Journey

April Carter

Going Home

One of the priorities for children in foster care is reunification and adoption. While reunification is always the primary goal of the foster to adopt process, when that is no longer an option, it is joyous to see children gain a new home through adoption.

April’s Adoption Journey

April, a mother and photographer from Indianapolis, Indiana, shares her adoption journey with Foster Love - Together We Rise.

“Chloe came to us in October of 2017 at 15 months old, when her case plan changed to adoption. My brother adopted Chloe’s older brother from foster care before Chloe was born, so by placing her with us, Chloe gets to stay close to her biological brother. We have also become friends with the family who adopted Chloe’s other biological brother. We are all committed to making sure the siblings stay connected as they grow up. It is such a joy to witness the natural bond they all have.

Foster care and adoption have brought our family so much joy. We feel incredibly blessed to be foster and adoptive parents. Our previously quiet, clean house is now full of joy and clutter, and we wouldn’t change it for the world.

My best advice to anyone on this journey is to be patient and have faith. All the stress of paperwork, caseworkers, and the waiting is insignificant compared to the joy of knowing a child you already love is forever yours.

We started foster care in June 2017, and should have 3 finalized adoptions by the end of this year! It’s been an amazing journey so far!”

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