July 22, 2020

Back 2 School Packs Are Here

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Back 2 School Packs Are Here

The Back 2 School packs are here! Foster Love - Together We Rise is hoping to help 1000 children in foster care succeed in school this fall. As we continue to navigate the COVID-19 outbreak our main goal is to keep kids in foster care safe. We have no idea how school will look. It seems like plans for re-opening schools changes from school to school. So regardless of how children in care experience school this fall we want them to have everything they need to be ready.

What is the Back 2 School Pack?

The Back 2 School Packs are backpacks filled with all the items children need to start school. Whether they are at home doing distant learning or in class on campus. Because we are unsure about how school will look we are asking people to help by donating or participating in a Back 2 School Pack service project.

Why Backpacks?

One of the most exciting thing about the start of a new school year is all the new school things. New pens, paper, binders, and a crisp new backpack. Having these new items not only helps children succeed but it helps build confidence. They don’t have to worry about asking for something or going without.

How to Get Involved

The easiest way is by sponsoring a pack or two. Every dollar helps us get closer to reaching our goal. We know that times are tough and so many people are struggling. So if you can spare some funds, it is always appreciated. Donate here.

For those who want a more hands-on way of helping. You can sponsor a pack of Back 2 School Packs! The service project portion has an encouragement activity and allows you to assemble and drop off the backpacks directly to a local foster agency or school. This way you are able to directly help your community. Learn more about how you or your organization can help here.

Thank You!

Thank you for always helping kids in care. They need so much and we are grateful to have your continued support.

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