March 19, 2020

Be an Advocate for Foster Youth During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Be an advocate for foster youth during the COVID-19/Coronavirus outbreak. This is our biggest ask to our supporters and beyond. Foster youth are a vulnerable group, they are unseen and often unheard. Here are some ways to advocate for foster youth during this uncertain time.

Share Information/Resources

First and foremost, stay healthy and be aware of what is going on. Please share creditable information with your friends, family, co-workers.

Share information about local food banks, schooling help, city updates. Again, make sure the information is from a creditable source. Help find solutions.

One of the big struggles for foster youth currently is housing. There are an estimated 10k current and former foster youth who live on college campuses nationwide. With those campuses closing they are currently at risk of facing homelessness. One way to help this is by sharing this emergency housing page. Let people know what is going on!

Write to Your Congress Person

Send an email to your local and state representatives. Ask them what are they doing to help foster youth and their families. How are they making sure foster youth have access to the resources they need to be healthy.

Schools are moving to online models, they may have less access to their social workers, health care providers. Let people know that kids in care matter and what are we doing to help them.

See Something Bad, Say Something

Sadly, many people will now be trapped with their abusers. States across the nation are moving towards online schooling to finish out the school year. Cities are moving towards a “Safer At Home” model, it is important to continue to report signs of abuse. Make calls and stay aware of what is going on around you.

We can no longer stay silent when seeing children experience abuse. They are not in contact with mandate reports anymore. So please be vigilant and smart about advocating for youth.

Tangible Help

No one is certain of how long these social distancing shifts will last. If you have some extra income consider making a donation to groups that help kids in care. More than ever organizations that advocate for foster youth are scrambling to get resources to help. Whether they are housing, educational, medical, or health-related. The fastest way to help is by providing tangible resources, one being funding.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, advocating for foster youth can look like a lot of things. The important thing is to get involved on some level and be there for these kids.

Stay safe and continue to be kind to one another.

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