July 12, 2018

Birthday Box Service Project with AIG


In February, Foster Love - Together We Rise visited the Big Apple! AIG hosted a charitable team building event at the Marriott Downtown Financial Ballroom. AIG wanted to bring a fun corporate service project to their training conference for their international offices. Our Birthday Box event was the perfect level of fun! Employees from all over the world came together to help ensure each child in foster care has a Happy Birthday! While many foster kids in care do get to celebrate their birthdays with their foster parents or other guardians, we also partner with agencies around the country where many children may not be able to celebrate their own birthday.

After we set up the essentials for each Birthday Box, volunteers decorated and personally designed each Birthday Box. They then filled each box with crowns, cards, noisemakers, stickers, candy and much more for local foster kids. Each volunteer added their own personal touch to the designs! They all felt full of joy knowing that the Birthday Boxes would bring a smile to a foster child’s face.

aig birthday box team building event in new york to celebrate foster children's birthdays”aig

During the team building activity, we helped educate and inform volunteers about the foster care system in America. Because, while it’s important to us that we partner with companies and individuals across the nation, it’s equally important that we are all informed about what’s happening with the U.S. child welfare system and advocate for prevention efforts that strengthen families in your local community. Thanks to AIG’s generosity, 250 foster kids within the New York City area will be impacted by this team’s service. So thank you to AIG for joining us to help better the lives of children in foster care!

If you’d like to get involved in your local community and want to learn more about Birthday Box team building, click here. For more details about other service projects in New York, NY, click here.

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