Sept. 8, 2013

Birthday Surprise for Foster Youth


What’s the coolest gadget you can gift to an 18-year-old who is doing well in school? With a tip from a special Social Worker a local foster youth in Chino, CA, was granted a few birthday wishes. Our staff at Foster Love - Together We Rise investigated a foster youth who had already picked out the perfect gift; a blue and teal bicycle.

Our interns scouted for the bike to surprise her for her birthday. But is that really the coolest gadget you give to a young adult that’s planning to go to college? To add to the surprise, Foster Love - Together We Rise used its resources to give her a brand new iPad. Imagine how happy this new young adult felt! We hope the surprise helped assuage the anxiety of all this new responsibility. She even shared her delicious cake and ice cream with us!

Our foster care system typically grants $500 to children who have recently turned 18 and oftentimes they have to figure out their living situation on their own. This transition into adulthood can prove daunting but thanks to your contributions, along with TWR’s passionate interns, TWR helped brighten another foster child’s day.

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