Sept. 17, 2014

Build Bikes for Foster Charity in Orange County, CA


Foster Love - Together We Rise has helped over 10,000 kids in foster care and continues to do so with the participation of companies like Sage Software. Providing children in foster homes through foster charity with bicycles means giving them a sense of belonging. Learning how to ride a bike is a rite of passage in a child’s life every kid should experience. Additionally, it helps provide those foster youth who are transitioning out of their foster home a means of transportation.

The Sage Software team came together to build the bicycles; their contribution will definitely not go unnoticed by the kids who received them. It was great to see everyone laughing and having fun, many expressed that they learned new things about each other. There were a lot of smiles that day and the kids receiving Sage Software’s hard work are sure to reciprocate.

The bicycles were transported to a foster care agency in Irvine, California, the home of Sage Software. In Orange County, there are currently 7,000 children in foster homes. Sage Software’s contribution will definitely positively add to their lives.

Thank you to Sage Software for sponsoring and volunteering during this event. Without their cooperation and participation from companies like Sage Software events like these would not be possible.

Learn how your company can give bikes to foster kids or donate to foster charity in your community:

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