Sept. 13, 2018

Building Bikes and Boards with Citizens Bank

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With our Bike Buildand Build a Board programs, we help volunteers build bikes and skateboards for children in foster care. Sometimes not everything goes as planned but no matter what happens. We know we’re making a positive impact in the world.

In Stamford, Connecticut, we had the opportunity to work with Citizens Bank to show the good that corporate social responsibility can do!

Lawyers made up about 75 of the volunteers. Which makes sense because the service project was part of a lawyer convention. Together we built 14 bikes and 14 skateboards. 

When we started to build the skateboards for foster kids, we realized that something was missing. The wheel bearings! Luckily Zumiez, a local skateboard shop, had enough to make sure the team building event went smoothly. Special thanks to Zumiez for donating a set out of the kindness of their heart!

Even though the rain kept the event inside, everyone had a great time. After we finished building bikes & skateboards, several Citizens Bank employees chipped in and helped move all the bikes to the loading dock where they would be picked up the following day. The Department of Children and Social Services in Norwalk, Connecticut received the donation. They would go on to provide childhood memories to children in foster care.

If you’d like to get involved in your local community and want to learn more about Bike Build team building activities, click here.

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