March 1, 2019

Candoris Philanthropic Team Building


Our friends at Candoris invited us to Pennsylvania for a philanthropic team build. Located in Annville, PA, Candoris is an international tech company. Grounded in Corporate and Social Responsibility principles, Candoris strives to do good works within their community.

We arrived on-site early to set up several different work stations. The Candoris team chose to build 10 Sweet Cases, 15 Bikes, and 35 Skateboards for their team building service project.

Sweet Cases are our most popular service project. Teams get to decorate and assemble duffle bags with comfort items. However, our bike and skateboard build are still a favorite team building project. Most importantly, they help children build strong childhood memories while serving as a form of transportation.

Filled with excitement the Candoris team worked together to get their bikes assembled in record time. They sprawled across the office to make enough room for the bike and skateboard build. So, their office became an assembly line with varying cubicle teams working hard to complete their project.

“Partnering with organizations like Foster Love - Together We Rise in an effort to positively impact the lives of children in our local communities is near and dear to the missional heartbeat of Candoris. Our team of 73 engineers, sales associates, developers, and operational staff and leadership were beyond happy to put time and energy into furthering TWR’s mission,” said Laura Pugliano, Marketing and Content Strategist for Candoris.

Lastly, the Families United Network Inc. received the donation to distribute to local kids in foster care. They can’t wait to give kids new bikes, skateboards, and duffle bags.

We’d like to thank the Candoris team for hosting a fun philanthropic team building event. Check out more ways you can help kids in foster care. 

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