Feb. 14, 2014

Celebrating Valentine’s Day Nationwide

Celebrating Valentine’s Nationwide

This year our national intern team took Valentine’s Day to the next level. Almost 100 interns from all parts of the country recruited their friends, family members, and fellow students to give back and raise foster donations. Together, they created hundreds of Valentine’s Day cards for the foster youth in their communities.

From Portland, Oregon, Madison, Wisconsin, Amityville, New York and many more states and cities our TWR interns united their community by exposing them to the harsh realities foster youth face every day. We helped foster youth remember that someone cares about them on a day where it can be especially difficult.

We love our national interns who help us unite communities and help foster youth all over the United States.  Thank you so much for all the community members, students, and family members who contributed!

Wish you could have participated? Want to start a TWR chapter on your campus too? Email info@togetherwerise.org and learn how to become a official chapter of TWR at your school. Volunteer and help us change the way foster youth navigate the system in America.

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