Sept. 8, 2019

Charity Team Building Activities with BPR Hotels

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This week Foster Love - Together We Rise helped with charity team building activities with BPR Hotels. We are always excited for any service project that benefits kids in foster care. The BPR team is passionate about helping the community and it shows.

Who is BPR Hotels?

BPR Hotels is family owned and operated since 1973. The Patel family left their home in Pennsylvania and drove to Redwood City, CA after their father B.B. Patel purchased a motel sight unseen. Luckily, it was a great investment and the start of the BPR Hotel legacy.

The Varsity Motel was more than just a business venture, BPR’s website cites.

“To B.B., purchasing the hotel wasn’t just a business endeavor; It was about giving back to his family and community. A decade earlier, B.B.’s parents had saved enough money for him to travel away from their small farming village in India to attend school in the United States. Because of that sacrifice, B.B. knew it was his responsibility to provide the same opportunities for his extended family. The Varsity Motel was the perfect place to cultivate this sense of belonging.”

This spirt of community and family is still live and well among the BPR team.

The Team Build

BPR is taking on two new charitable focuses. One is to help promote education and the second to help the local youth.  Our team building activity together is a part of this new initiative.

This is the first time in BPR history were all the management team came together to work on a charitable team building activity. The team decorated and assembled 60 Superhero boxes for local kids in foster care at their Crowne Plaza property in Palo Alto.

It was a week-long event for their managers of the different properties. Before we started with the build our team gave a presentation about our efforts and the importance of giving back to kids in foster care. The managers had no idea they were doing a service project because it was just too much fun.
This team was one of the sweetest groups we’ve worked with so far. Everyone was kind and thankful for being apart of a genuine effort to help children in foster care. They couldn’t stop talking about the work we will do together in the future.

In Conclusion

We are thankful to have worked with BPR on these charity team building activities. It amazing to spend time with people who have a sincere interest in helping the community.

For those interested in learning more about our team building activities please contact us here. We’d love to help you, help local kids in foster care.

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