Why Choose a Foster Care Adoption
May 7, 2020

Why Choose a Foster Care Adoption

Why Choose a Foster Care Adoption

Why choose a foster care adoption? There are so many endless reasons to foster and adopt through foster care. Today we chat with Sarah E. about why her family chose a foster care adoption.

Knowing from the Start

Sara always knew she would foster. She talked about the experience that sparked the desire.

In high school, I babysat for a family who fostered and became very attached to their foster son—that’s what started the fire in my heart and eventually my husband’s. We started the process in the fall of 2017 to begin our foster journey and received our license that December. A month later I got the call for a tiny 4-day-old girl, our daughter.

The Call

Now official able to foster, the waiting game begins. For Sarah, she remembers the night of the call perfectly.

We got the call for Olivia when she was 4 days old and I swear the night we took her home I heard all of the heavens sing as I rocked her in my arms. I’ll never forget that moment. I was “too attached” and I knew she was someone very special from the start. The goal at first was reunification with the biological family. It was at times messy and awkward, we learned a lot, navigated new relationships, built trust and expressed love to all. I shed a lot of selfishness.
I learned real quick that foster care isn’t always about growing a family, it’s about loving people where they are and helping people—children and parents. There were righteous concerns and anger too—I want the best and safest life for our daughter. And I learned to pray hard on her behalf. Eventually, the goal changed to adoption. We were thrilled to learn that our family would indeed grow. I cry so hard still thinking about this. I can’t wait to tell her one that God always came through for her.

Love Transcends All

With the foster to adoption process, there are many lessons. Your family changes and grows and so do the individuals involved. Sarah shared her best experience through the process. She says,

The most rewarding experience that I’ve had in this process of fostering is learning that love transcends. No matter what were to occur in our daughter’s, return home, or stay with us, our love would follow her.

Through the experience, her family gained a beautiful daughter and an understanding of the need children have for a healthy stable family. Working as a foster parent opened her eyes to the reality that many children go without this. Thankfully, Sarah’s family did open their hearts and home to love.

Always Get Too Attached

Sarah left with a great reminder that we are always growing and learning about life. She spoke about how fostering is an honor and a humbling experience.

Get too attached. All children deserve someone that’ll cry over them, praying over them, worrying about them, reach out for support for them, stand with them. They deserve someone who cares and love them no matter what the outcome.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we want to thank Sarah and her family for sharing why they chose a foster care adoption. Children in care really need safe homes and it a great reminder that caring is important.

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