June 10, 2019

Company Team Building With Kilroy Realty

Company Team Building

Company team building is an important tactic used to inspire positive corporate culture. Unfortunately, some people still think that company team builds should be a weekend retreat with motivational speakers and “trust fall” activities.

Thankfully, there are organizations like Kilroy Realty that recognize the benefit of making team building events fun. To amp up their yearly company picnic they decided to ask Foster Love - Together We Rise to join in on the fun.

Kilroy Realty: Corporate Social Responsibility

Kilroy Realty has a commitment to sustainability in all aspects of their business. One representative stated, “(we make) great efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of the construction and operation of our buildings. Enhancing our client’s comfort, health, and financial savings.”

For instance, their website states, “We aim for the highest level of performance in energy and water efficiency, waste management, tenant engagement, environmental construction, sustainable building operations, green building certifications, materials selection, and community involvement.”

Water Front Team Building

On the beach in Marina Del Rey, CA, the Kilroy Realty team and their family gathered for their annual picnic. Families could play water games, partake in beach activities, and enjoy a bounty of treats.

So, to help add a charitable twist to the team building event, the Kilroy team invited us for a Sweet Case building event. Sweet Cases duffle bags come filled with comfort items. Most importantly, these duffle bags help replace trash bags that kids in foster care are normally given when moving homes.

Foster Love - Together We Rise set up for the event which would benefit over 200 kids. With over 200 Sweet Case duffle bags to build, we were ecstatic to help the Kilroy team and their families decorate and assemble them.

Until Next Year

At the end of the day, the Kilroy team and their families made a donation of 200 Sweet Cases. The local agencies and the children they helped were beyond excited for their new duffels.

In conclusion, we’d like to thank the Kilroy team and their families. It was beautiful to see so many people coming together to bring positive change in their community.

If you’d like to join us in replacing trash bags with duffle bags. Check out how you can get involved below:


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