Feb. 12, 2021

Concerned Teacher Saves Child From Abusive Home


One of the most concerning parts of the pandemic is the loss of visibility for children. Teachers, coaches, doctors, nurses, are all mandated reporters and help alert when they notice something is off.

This week in Newark, New Jersey the police discover a child in foster care padlocked inside a home. Authorities arrested Wanser Brown on two counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

The Importance of Mandated Reporters

Police responded to a residence on Thursday to conduct a wellness check of a 12-year-old student. Newark Public Safety Directo Anthony Ambrose said,

Thanks to the courage of a concerned teacher, who requested a wellness check, this foster child was rescued. We are investigating this incident along with the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office to gather as much information as possible about how and why this child was put in this horrific situation. We are pleased that he’s now safe, and we are grateful that his teacher suspected that he was in need of police assistance.

This teacher spoke up and helped save this child. Teachers have many responsibilities in our society and thanks to this person’s commitment to their students, they helped a child exit a dangerous situation.

Becoming an Ally to Children

No child should endure abuse or neglect. As we continue to shift back into more public spaces be mindful of what you see. Children don’t always speak up about what is happening in their home. So it is up to those who work with children to advocate for them. It may literally save their life.

Just because you don’t work with children doesn’t mean you can’t help. Foster Love - Together We Rise welcomes you to join us in becoming an ally to children in foster care. Please feel free to connect with us here.

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