April 21, 2022

Concrete Collaborative Partners With Together We Rise Bringing New Office To Life

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Foster Love - Together We Rise is constantly growing and adapting to the needs of the foster care community. Thanks to our supporters we’ve been able to expand our HQ in Brea, creating a multipurpose space for events and resources.

Danny, our founder, and CEO is a visionary. For years he has been working towards creating a unique space where the community can come together. A space that felt safe and welcoming for all foster youth and their families.

Concrete Collaborative

The first step to this puzzle was finding the location. Thankfully, we found the perfect place. Our new office is in the exact same business park as our original Brea office!

Secondly, we needed to find reliable contractors with a modern aesthetic, people we could trust to do right by the youth we serve. So we began the search and came across the Concrete Collaborative the amazing team who brought our vision to life.

In case you didn’t know this, Foster Love - Together We Rise is all about family. Families come in different shapes, sizes, and unique structures and we consider our partners to be a part of our family. So when we were looking at partnering with the Concrete Collaborative team we were delighted to find out that they are a family-operated business.

The founders of the Concrete Collaborative are sisters, Kate Balsis, Hailey Weller, and Sally Smithwick. The three sisters grew up in Australia, made their way to New York, and finally planted roots in San Diego. They felt that San Diego reminded them of home.

Concrete Collaborative

Since Concrete Collaborative’s inception, the five-person team has grown to nearly 60, keeping a factory in California and a flagship store in New York. We love their passion for design, their commitment to sustainability, and their eye for detail. Thanks to their work, we are able to open our first clothing shop for foster youth, the Rise Clothing Vault. Thanks to their work, we are able to open our first cafe and are offering TWR coffee at our volunteer events.

Concrete Collaborative

Thank You Concrete Collaborative

We want to thank the amazing team at the Concrete Collaborative for helping with our new office and building our Rise coffee shop bar, and the new stylish rooftop patio. This project has been years in the making and to see it come alive lifts our hearts.

For those looking to help children in foster care, connect with Foster Love - Together We Rise here. We hope to see you at our new HQ soon.

Concrete Collaborative

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